Greetings and welcome! My name is Selestine Nightfire and I have been an active member of the SL community since late 2008. I haven’t blogged in forever, but with the growing creativity on the grid (and my general level of wanting to try it all) I’ve decided to start anew and post what I come across.

My posts tend to be mini stories or direct to-the-point segments. Not much is in-between. If you would like to co-op with me on a post, please feel free to drop me an IM in SecondLife and we’ll coordinate.

To see more of my photos, please see my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/selestine/


Notice to content creators:

All items sent to me will be blogged within 7-10 business days. If for some reason I cannot make that deadline you will be notified in advance. All photos seen on my blog here will be listed on my Flickr page, as well as your Flickr page (if you have one where people can post to).

Please be advised that I do touch up my photos in Photoshop and I also utilize a wide array of Windlight settings. In the past I did not use Photoshop or a Windlight setting other than Strawberry Singh’s close-up setting. However, the vast majority of designers want processed photos so I have been forced to update my practices a bit.

All photos are taken on the Ultra graphics setting, or one step down from Ultra.


Notice to Roleplay Sim owners:

I do not blog about roleplay sims. That does not mean that I won’t. However, since its not the focus of my blog, I will charge for my time. A fee of L$3,000 is due at the time of hire. That includes photos of the sim, interviews with sim staff, and a detailed take on the sim all posted to my blog. The detailed take will be my opinions of the sim and such, and please keep in mind that I do not hold back. I will not sugar coat anything. If I feel your sim is amazing and the staff is kind, polite, and helpful? I’ll write exactly that. If it’s not, then it’s not.

Fee is non-refundable.