It’s the Teeth


Well hello there. New day, new blog post, new stuff! So let’s get right to it.


I have a lot to cover here, so be patient. First up is the bindi. This gorgeous item is a free gift at the Crystal Heart event going on right now. Find the Voluptas Virtualis booth and you’ll find the gift. You can change the metal color and both gem colors with the HUD that comes with it.

More barbed horns! I think of all the barbed releases thus far, the Infernus is my favorite. I previously blogged the barbed Darkfell, but this style suits me better, I think. Or I could combine them I suppose. Either or. With ears that take up more space than standard human though this style is fantastic. Which brings me to…

Ears! This is the S2 style of the Fae Ears collection. All of these ears wish my RL ears were bigger so I could get these fabulous piercings. Along with the skin, the Reverie Beryl tone, it was easy to match the ears to the skin. The skin’s HUD does it for you. Then it was just a matter of eyes. I’m using the Sinful Needs Occularum system here, and the eye appliers are the Lume Purple. I just love how the pupil moves on its own!


The title did mention teeth, right? These are the Rodentia Nippers, available at We ❤ RP. Charlie had a ton of requests for buck teeth, and he has delivered. There are two versions available, Rodentia and Rodentia Advanced. Try them both, or just buy them both. Lots of customizing options available with the HUD it comes with!



  • Teeth: .:Soul:. Nippers – .:Charlie:. (lerochelle.destiny) (at We ❤ RP now!)
  • Skin: Sinful Needs SN – Reverie Beryl – Galathir Darkstone
  • Ears: Sinful Needs SN ~ Mesh Fae Ears S2P0D1 – Galathir Darkstone
  • Bindi: \//.VoluptasVirtualis – Rawena Bindi – Druunah Esharham (at Crystal Heart event now!)
  • Horns: Sinful Needs SN – Pandemonium Horns – Infernus Barbed – Galathir Darkstone
  • Hair: Moon. Hair. // Fatal Horizon – Silent Acoustic
  • Mesh Eyes: Sinful Needs SN Occularum2 Mesh Eye (Smaller Iris) – Galathir Darkstone
  • Eye Appliers: Sinful Needs SN Eyes Omega Applier HUD – Occularum2 Lume Purple – Galathir Darkstone
  • Outfit: Sweet Thing. Crystalline Gown – Necro – Aya (ayashula) (at Crystal Heart event now!)
  • Sandals: Eliavah ~ Oasis Baresandals – e l i a v a h ღ (eliavahazaleia)
  • Mesh Head: CatWa – Catwa Clip
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle

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