The Shiny


Dark purple-ish paradise! This is a sexy gacha offering from VoluptasVirtualis at Epiphany. The gacha has a total of 29 pieces… 25 common and 4 rare. I love the chains on this. They’re super-detailed. As for the gems, you can change them into two different colors. To be clear, the gems are in two sets. You can color one set one color, and the other another color.


Horns! Charlie’s first release of 2018! Available at Men Only Monthly, these horns are amazing. Check out the texturing detail! Head over to the event to pick up a set of these horns. Available in different color options!

And now, I have a bit of a gripe. As you all know, I’m a major GA.EG fan. I love their mesh heads (especially the pre-Bento Kirsten). With the release of their Bento heads however, they’ve omitted a very important feature that I believe should be standard on all mesh heads: Head alphas. I’m wearing GA.EG Jennifer in this blog post, and what you don’t see is that the hair doesn’t fit. In the back, my skull shows right though, so my only option is to shrink my head and look disproportionate.

Gael, if you see this, please fix this travesty. All mesh heads should have head alpha options!



  • Outfit: V/. VoluptasVirtualis Noa – Druunah Esharham (at Epiphany now!)
  • Horns: .:Soul:. Modern Gods – Lokin Horns – .:Charlie:. (lerochelle.destiny) (at Men Only Monthly now!)
  • Skin: Plastik :[P]:- Atharia [F] Skin :// Chieko – Vae (aikea.rieko)
  • Eyes: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Snow Queen Eyes – Lila – ƪιƪ ϻοמšҭёѓ (psikotik.gothly)
  • Hair: [taketomi] – Chibiusa – Bella (bella.earst)
  • Scales: Nightmare :: Draconia Scales – Sly Von Schweetz (asylum.miggins)
  • Mesh Head: GA.EG – Jennifer – Gael Streeter
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle

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