A Gripe


Yep, WTF. I haven’t written a vent post in a while, but something just happened and I feel a need to vent. As always, the views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect views shared by my sponsors. This is strictly MY post with MY opinions here.

Ok, here we go.

I don’t do these types of posts often because I want to maintain a positive air about my blog, and venting is quite negative. However, I feel this needs to be said. First off, I am not calling out anyone specifically. This is a general rant directed at certain types of designers. Which ones?

The ones who do not label their ads appropriately.

What does that mean, exactly? Surely a designer has the right to style their ads however they damn well please!

To a large extent, yes they do. It’s their creative time and effort that went into making the item(s) in the first place and that extends to the ads/posters they make for said item(s). However, we as consumers have a right to know exactly what we’re purchasing.

The issue in question involves what I believe to be a simple case of laziness. Case in point: I was at an event and saw a lovely outfit set and purchased it. The ad clearly states “fits Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink”. And here is where the screwing comes in: There was only one Belleza size in the box, and only Slink Physique in the box (along with standard sizes and Maitreya). As someone who prefers to wear Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass, this is upsetting. Those of you who wear these bodies have probably felt this pain before…. buying an outfit that says “Belleza” or “Slink” only to find that there is no Freya or Hourglass size option.

“Was there a demo?” – Yes, there is a box labeled DEMO below the outfit I purchased. However, the box was not able to be purchased/obtained.

“Did you inspect the box of the outfit?” – Yes, but you can’t see anything in it.

So yes, I made a blind assumption. I freely admit that. However, the designer should have spelled out exactly which bodies are in the box, especially when they are not going to provide a demo. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

“Don’t buy without trying a demo!”

Yep, that’s true. But the flip side is, we should be able to buy with confidence from tried and true designers. Key word there is “should”.

“You should have contacted the creator to ask!” – I did (after the fact, to politely suggest they update their poster) and like with a lot of places, there has been no answer as of yet. If I get an answer I’ll be happy to share!

“Then why did you buy it anyway?” – Event exclusive item, which means that it probably won’t be available once said event ends. Again, no way to know because the point of contact hasn’t responded so I can’t ask.

Luckily, I do have all of the mesh bodies the outfit covers, so I’m not completely out of luck. Just out of luck wearing it with my preferred bodies.

So what to do about this? My suggestion? If you see ads that don’t spell out exactly which Slink and Belleza bodies are covered, contact the creator and ask them to spell it out. Ask them to update their ads (and Marketplace listings) to reflect exactly which bodies are covered. If they refuse, never answer (give them a week plus one reminder message during that time), get rude about it, or whatnot, boycott them. The fact is that if designers have the time to create items that we want to buy, then they have time to not be lazy with telling us exactly what’s in a damn box.


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