Scaled Jewel


More goodness today! Fantasy Gacha Carnival goodies as well as more from We ❤ RP! First up, the jewelry and hair. Every bit of it that I’m wearing in this shoot is from the Nilia set by Aisling. And yes, it is a gacha set. It consists of 9 commons and 2 rares (hair packs), so if luck is on your side then you should have the whole set in no time! And as always with Aisling, there is a HUD that will change the colors of the gems, beads, and metal of each part in the set.

The dress is by Arcadia, a store that is showing signs of life again after a year (maybe more?) of being on hiatus. A great thing that Lokii has started doing is offering the outfits rigged to certain mesh bodies. I love it! I can now wear whatever body I have and the outfits will fit perfectly every time.


The skin is from Fallen Gods. Alia released this skin in a black version too. I adore scales and frankly, how he does it on skins is very nice. The only drawback is that if you don’t have a Slink body you’ll have to settle for Omega appliers, and the head applier is Omega only. Its not something that bothers me, but some folks are crazy about getting appliers for their specific bodies and heads.

The eyes. MESANGE makes some gorgeous eyes and I’m thrilled to blog them. My only critique is that the sclera is VERY bright white. I’m not a fan of that, though some folks might be perfectly fine with it. Aside from that one little thing, the eyes are perfect in my book. They even come with a HUD so you can set how large you want the iris too.



  • Skin: Fallen Gods Draco [xx]+FGInc.+ Pearl – Alia Baroque (at We ❤ RP now!)
  • Eyes: MESANGE – Cassandra Eyes – Jadis Ashland (at We ❤ RP now!)
  • Dress: Arcadia .A. Malina Prussian – Lokii-ikthya (lokii.violet) (at We ❤ RP now!)
  • Jewelry AND Hair: .aisling. –  Nilia Jewelry Set – Damian Kleiner (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival now!)
  • Mesh Head: GA.EG – Gael Streeter
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle

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