Heavenly Blurple


Lots to talk about in this post, so bear with me. Skin, head piece, outfit, collar, wings…. phew. Tired yet?

First up is the skin. You’ll remember I posted a Dorei skin from Soul previously. That post will be updated because Charlie now has an event to showcase it in (the upcoming round of The Secret Affair). However, that skin is a different face than this one. This is Gyouko face whereas the other was Fala. The difference? Monolid or non-monolid. Gyouko features the former, and will be available at Applique soon.


The collar. Yep, another creation from Charlie. Remember when she did the drow-inspired spider collar? This collar was inspired by dwarves (the fantasy kind). It comes with a ton of color options and you can color every part of it individually. Also the back features a truly amazing lock! Get yourself to ROMP and get yours today! You won’t regret it.

The outfit. Enfant Terrible has been very quiet over the last few years (not even responding to notecards, in my experience). However, she’s back with a bang, creating lovely outfits for us once again. The best part? She makes them for all bodies! That right there makes me a fan for life. The outfit is available at this round of We

The wings. Tethys of EVolved Creatures released these a short time ago and WOW is about all I can say. Check out the detail on the feathers! These wings have the BEST feather detail of all the Bento wings I’ve seen. Of course, that’s just my opinion and everyone is going to have their own. These wings are simply gorgeous and an excellent offering to the world of Bento-enabled goodies.


Yes I know… gratuitous shot at random. But it shows off the wings and collar well! Yes, collar and wings…. that’s it exactly! Anyway, I’ll see you at We ❤ RP, ROMP, The Secret Affair, and Applique!


  • Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2 F – Gyouko – [SE Dorei] – .:Charlie:. (lerochelle.destiny) (at Applique soon!)
  • Collar: .:Soul:. Dwarven Collar – .:Charlie:. (lerochelle.destiny) (at ROMP now!)
  • Headdress: +XAnSA+ Mistress Raven – XAnSA (xanxan.jervil) (at We now!)
  • Dress: Enfant Terrible .ET. Mia Mint – L’enfant terrible (leenfantterrible) (at We now!)
  • Eyes: MESANGE – Ashtar Eyes – Jadis Ashland (at We now!)
  • Wings: EVolved Creatures ARchangel wings#10 – Tethys Ink of Abyss (tithis.string)
  • Hair: =DeLa*= Naya – Kuranosuke Kamachi
  • Mesh Head: GA.EG – Gael Streeter
  • Mesh Body: Belleza Freya – Tricky Boucher

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