Star Eye Invasion


Because I’m terrible at super close-ups, I’m trying this variant! I’m also keeping the photo very simple and to the point. No sense in making a huge scene out of it this time. Maybe next time!

Charlie has released a new group gift available to all in the Soul VIP group. The group is free to join until May 1, so if you’re not in it now, hurry! The group gift is the close-up eye on the left (on my avi, its on the right). The Deo rainbow eye color is a staple of Charlie’s group gifts. The eye on the close-up right (my avi’s left) is one of a bunch that will be released at Memento Mori this weekend.

The skin. I know, the skin in the close-up pictures doesn’t match the large picture! I went a little crazy there, but the close-ups are the accurate representation of the skin (in Gwen’s Light Windlight setting). Its Juno tone 7 from Sinful Needs. Yes, the skin is an older one and is in dire of specific body and head appliers (right now its just Omega). If you look at the eye close-ups, you can see how it doesn’t line up exactly. Granted, that’s easy enough to cover up, but I didn’t want to go overkill on make-up and take away from the eyes. And I really wanted to wear this skin as the tone is lovely.

Coming up! ….Another “thoughts” post.



  • Eye 1: .:Soul:. Deep Space Cat Eyes – Deo – .:Charlie:. (lerochelle.destiny) (VIP group gift)
  • Eye 2: .:Soul:. Deep Space Cat Eyes – Nebula – .:Charlie:. (lerochelle.destiny) (at Memento Mori soon!)
  • Skin: Sinful Needs SN Skin – Juno, Tone 7 – Galathir Darkstone
  • Headdress: Forest of Zyn ~ Sparkling Abyss Headdress – Lavender – Zyn (zyndyrr)
  • Hair: \//. VolutptasVirtualis – Kiara 3 RARE – Druunah Esharham (gacha item)
  • Dress and Jewelry: Luas Missandei Green Damask – Ainara (ainaraluas)
  • Mesh Head: CatWa – Catwa Clip
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle

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