Personal Thoughts


The contents in this post are my own personal thoughts, feelings, and views/beliefs. They are not necessarily shared by those I blog for.


Thoughts on Blogging and the Blogging Community in SL

When I first started blogging many years ago (old blog no longer around) the blogging community was still somewhat new in SL. As such, people were friendly and easy to talk to about it. Getting a job as a blogger was tough because it wasn’t something that caught on very quickly. It was mostly comprised of individuals blogging for store owners who they were friends with.

Fast forward to today and things are very different. The blogging community is very cut-throat, and there are designers who support that. Gone are the days of the casual blogger. Now, unless you have an absurd amount of blog views, Flickr views and favorites, and professional artist-level skills in Photoshop, you probably won’t get anywhere in SL blogging. Very few stores give a damn unless you meet those qualifications. It doesn’t matter if a person is reliable or not so long as those qualifications are met. Its all about the popularity, or lack of it. Frankly, its sad and disheartening, which makes me appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given all that much more.

I blog because I enjoy it. I’m a published writer in real life, so blogging is an extension of that for me. As much as I enjoy it though, there’s only so much “you’re not good enough for us” that I or anyone for that matter can be expected to take. So I made a decision: I won’t be applying for any more blogging jobs. All outstanding applications will be the end of it for me. I’m perfectly happy with the blogger manager job I have with Soul, and they will always be my number one priority in blogging. Why? Because I wasn’t the best, or most popular, but they hired me anyway.


Thoughts on Lack of Professionalism from Stores and/or Their Blogger Managers

When I was applying to stores to blog at, I was amazed at how many of them didn’t even read my application. Why have a formal application if you don’t read it? Hm. Very curious. Even more curious is when they don’t even look at the (correct) links provided to the blog and Flickr. Why bother asking for them if they won’t be viewed?

Another thing is the lack of response from places. Sure, some places say flat out “Do not contact us. If you do not hear from us, assume you are not hired.” While that’s abrasive, at least its something and I appreciate that. There is nothing more frustrating than not seeing any such message and then being ignored by blogger managers or store owners when I try to get a yes or no.

Some store owners and blogger managers also seem to forget that blogs are the personal property of the bloggers. All stores have a certain look they want, and of course that’s perfectly fine. As bloggers, though, we are free to post what we want in a layout and format we like so long as we’re professional about it. It is not anyone’s place to say “Your blog needs this and this and this changed.” Its one thing to offer constructive critiques, and quite another to bash someones blog. Many don’t seem to know the difference. Its always best to ask someone “Hey, would you be open to some constructive criticism?” before you start giving said criticisms.

My response to people who don’t like how my blog looks? Don’t read it. Simple as that.


Thoughts on Blogger “Payment”

Despite popular belief to the contrary, bloggers are in fact paid…. via product. Designers are handing you the fruits of their hard work for free so you can go out and show it off to people. The least a blogger can do is blog the item(s) as soon as possible. When a blogger is late posting, or fails to post the item at all (without giving a heads up that they won’t be able to post on time or at all), that’s money out of the designer’s pocket. In my view, that is no different than theft. Now, if a store a blogger does not work for hands them something, that’s different. There should be no obligation to blog in those situations, but kudos to the blogger if they do!

That wraps up my thoughts for the time being. Its been weighing on me for a while now and I wanted to share. Anyway, as before these are my own personal thoughts on these matters and none of this should be taken as an attack on anyone or any store.


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