Golden Shadows

Snapshot_003 new

Warning! This post is heavily Photoshopped with filters and effects. You have been warned.

More goodness from The Alchemy event today, including a lovely hair design from !head desk!. It pairs very nicely with the skin from Stix (also an Alchemy gem). Now, something to keep in mind about the skin: It does NOT come with the tattoo I’m wearing. I just happened to like how it looks with the skin and thus wore it.

Snapshot_004 new

“Hmmm… had a bit too much to drink, dearie?”

Luckily the dress doesn’t give a show in the front, eh? The dress, by TRS Designs, is another lovely from The Alchemy. I think its my favorite of the dresses this round, to be honest. Its sexy, chic, and isn’t too short. Sure, with the right (or wrong?) camera angle you’ll see ass cheeks peeking out, but its not obscene at all. In fact, I rather like that though I didn’t take any pictures of such. Sorry!

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^ No Photoshop in the above picture, but region windlight settings used.


  • Skin: Stix ~ Odine :Nude: (G) Golden – мiɴ (pixy.snook) (At The Alchemy event now!)
  • Hair: !head desk! Kenna – Ripley Darwin (taliah.darwin) (At The Alchemy event now!)
  • Dress: TRS Designs Lara Dress Flowers Gold – ⒶⓂⒺ (amethestpearl) (At The Alchemy event now!)
  • Boots: [hh] Sugarbabe Boots  – Hilly Haalan
  • Eyes: {S0NG} :: Mao~ Lily Eye (gacha item) – Song (funeral.plutonian)
  • Eye Shadow: ARTE – Seraf Eyeshadow & Bird Tattoo (tattoo not shown) – Miriam Lemondrop
  • Lipstick: SlackGirl Clarice Lipstick (group gift) – SlackGirl Resident
  • Tattoo: .:Soul:. Ranitoemeya – Poisonous Tattoo – .:Charlie:. (lerochelle.destiny) (Note: This item is no longer available)
  • Mesh Body: Belleza Freya – Tricky Boucher
  • Mesh Head: CatWa – Catwa Clip

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