It Isn’t Easy Being….


….Oh. Right. Well, a heads up on this post…. no Photoshopping or fun windlights to be found here. Why? Because I’m showcasing items from various creators for an event called The Alchemy. I felt that my first post for the event should be back to my roots and show the items clearly without editing on my part.


The skin is another lovely from Nephilim, and its the purest mid-tone/dark green skin I’ve seen yet on the grid. It pairs nicely with the hair offering from MOON at this month’s Arcade too, wouldn’t you agree? She also made it for guys too!


The dress is by Applique, I store I was unfamiliar with until now. This is just one of several offerings she has at the event. She makes some very cute things and its absolutely worth checking out! I could see this dress being worn by so many cutesy-types!


The brows! Not an event item, but something I picked up at #adored. I love her stuff and someday I want to be able to drop her a notecard asking for the ENTIRE store to be boxed up and paying for it all. Yep, I’m a makeup junkie. I make no apologies for that. Also, these brows come in a total of four options, so when you buy them don’t think you’re only getting dotted brows! And they also come with a white option.


Speaking of makeup, check out the lovely eye shadow by Yeux. This is another store I was unfamiliar with until now. Her style is really nice and I love that she’s not shy about doing bold, brazen colors. I mean come on, how many actually manage to pair dark colors with glitter and make it look awesome? Not many! There’s lots more at the event to check out, and you can expect more posts about the event and items in it from me in the next week. Until then, head over and check out the lovely offerings and sign up for the event group!


  • Skin: Nephilim [NM] – Serenity – Apple – NephilimReborn Resident (At The Alchemy now!)
  • Hair: Moon. Hair // – Hysteria – April – Silent Acoustic (At The Arcade now!)
  • Eyes: [Cubic Cherry] {Wonder} eyes VENOM – Kreao Kujisawa (At We ❤ RP now!)
  • Eyebrows: #adored – abbon brows – Ampersand Artful
  • Eye Shadow: **Yeux** Eyeshadow Marina – Karlota Hirvi (At The Alchemy now!)
  • Dress: Applique – Rainbow Skies Dress – Ladiejj Jewell (At The Alchemy now!)
  • Shoes: #EMPIRE – Cranesbill – Queenshop Resident
  • Necklace: .:Candle and Cauldron:. {C&C} Triple Moon Necklace – Fenni Crispien
  • Nail Polish: Hello Dave – Nail Appliers – Fade To Black (VIP Group Gift) – Maia Gasparini
  • Mesh Head: CatWa – Catwa Clip
  • Mesh Body: Belleza Freya – Tricky Boucher
  • Pose: :Picture This!:

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