Emerald Pride


Oh snap, look who started using Photoshop! Yep. Well, I was pushed to it, you could say. I’ve been attempting to expand my blogging and have been hitting a wall… a rather elitist one (in my opinion), but a wall all the same. I haven’t toyed with that program since my college days, so we’ll see what all I can come up with to turn my photos into works of art. Note that only the above photo has been run through Photoshop.


I was inspired to create this look by a bit of art I found on DeviantArt. Given that the look called for intense teary/runny mascara, I thought this would be a perfect time to share what I came up with given, well, things. I originally intended to turn the look into an RP character, but after finally completing the look I’m not sure what she would be.


The tears. You might not have seen them before. The wonderful and talented Rockberry Fairlady of Ghost’Ink made it after I showed her the image I had been inspired by. I had originally picked out one of her items, but she went and made this. To say that she was awesome and generous for doing so is a huge understatement. But they look great and it adds to the look.


The skin. My good friend Nephilim is a skin creator (and the only one on the grid that I’m aware of that makes custom skins) and came out with this gem recently. I saw it and immediately knew the tone would be perfect for what I was looking for. I absolutely love the skin highlights on there. If you would like her to make you a custom skin, stop by her store and pick up an information notecard on it. She’s taking the month of April off, so keep that in mind!


I’m not going to dwell on the negatives that have happened with me lately. Continuing on with a smile is the best thing to do, and honestly after writing up this post I feel a lot better already. In the meantime, I will continue to work on my Photoshop skills and boost my confidence with that. Sorry, I won’t be doing photography commissions! I’ve heard too many horror stories from artists about that so color me gun-shy on that.


  • Skin: Nephilim [NM] – Aurora – Borealis – Female – Nephilimreborn Resident
  • Face Tattoo: Ghost’Ink Face Tattoo :: Bleeding Tears:: – Rockberry Fairlady
  • Hair: Moon. Hair. // Storm – Silent Acoustic
  • Eyes: Plastik [T.P]-OniCollection-Magicka-Em – Aikea Rieko
  • Dress: HYPNOSE – GALA – CristallWhite Resident
  • Necklace: Aisling Circe [Chakra ThirdEye/DBlue] – Druunah Esharham
  • Bracers: Aisling Lady of Highgarden (gacha item) – Damian Kleiner
  • Mesh Head: CatWa – CatWa Clip
  • Mesh Body: Belleza Freya – Tricky Boucher
  • Poses: [Black Tulip], [Expressive Poses], and Unknowns

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