Of Ears and Crowns


(Open Heart Earrings shown in an Ombre option)

My first round of photos for the Open Heart earrings was a colossal bust. Seriously, I hated EVERY picture I took. So, here I am a few days later attempting it once again! These lovely earrings come in four color pack options and are available at The Coven event, which opened on February 3.


(Open Heart Earrings shown in Holographic option)

(Shown in an Oil option on the left, and a Solid option on the right)

Now, the color options I’ve shown here are far from the only options you can choose from. The HUDs (Oil, Solid, Ombre, and Holo) are chock full of wicked pretty color options. I had a tough time deciding which ones to showcase, believe me!

Next up, we have Fantasy Gacha Carnival right around the corner. Yep, its back from the brink of death to bring us more gacha madness…. so of course Charlie had to get involved. Between us, I think Charlie enjoys tormenting us with gachas…. making awesome things and then sitting back and watching us beg and plead with the machines to give us the shiny things.

I give to you…. The Fashun set!


(Fashun Mask – Crown common 7)

Ok, now before I get right down to it, I’m going to warn you on one thing: This is a LARGE gacha. It will take you a while to get everything. How large? Forty two (yes, 42) pieces in all.  It comes in 3 styles (crown, open, and full), with 12 Common colors, 1 Uncommon, and 1 Rare each.


(Fashun Mask – Crown Light Rays RARE)

Some nifty things to note about these pieces: They are mod, for one. For another, on the rares you get a nifty HUD that allows you to customize the colors! So not only does it move (like light waves, as the name implies) you can pick your own colors for it! You can also adjust the glow and transparency on it too.

(Fashun Mask – Full Common 2 on the left, Full Light Rays RARE on the right)

Now, if you have to edit the pieces and find that you’ve messed up royally, the default size for all styles is: 0.21303, 0.23631, 0.31147

So don’t worry if you mess up!

(Fashun Mask – Open Common 11 on the left, Open Holographic UNCOMMON on the right)

Remember, only the rares come with the HUD and they are also the only ones that move.

As much as I would love to post all of the items from this gacha, I’m afraid that would be impossible. But I feel that I’ve given you all a good indication of what to expect. And if gachas aren’t your thing, there’s always The Coven event. Remember, Charlie released some gorgeous ears there too.



  • Skin: Lumae :: Jewel – Priestess – Lumiya Rae
  • Eyes: {S0NG} :: Winter~ Raven Eyes – Funeral Plutonian
  • Hair: Runaway Hair [RA] Tara Hair – Candela Kira
  • Earrings: .:Soul:. Open Heart Earrings – Lerochelle Destiny (The Coven event)
  • Crown, Face Masks – .:Soul:. Fashun Mask gacha – Lerochelle Destiny (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
  • Cuffs: :::Sn@tch Jeweled Satin Cuffs – Ivey Deschanel
  • Top: :::Sn@tch Fairy Princess Halter Top (DARKS)::: – Ivey Deschanel
  • Lip Stain: .:Soul:. LipStains – Deo – Lerochelle Destiny (VIP group gift)
  • Eye Shadow: Unknown (apologies, it was from my original photo shoot!)
  • Head: CatWa – Catwa Clip
  • Body – Belleza Freya – Tricky Boucher

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