Cold Moon


What a year! So much, good and bad, has happened that I can’t even really process it all in one go. I thought I would take a moment to do one final post of 2016… ending on a colorfully dark note image-wise. I wanted to go for a sort of oximoron-type look, and I think I did good… combining a dark backdrop with a colorful demon-type. Or dragon-type, whichever you prefer.


The skin. Hokay, where to begin… well, this skin was part of a fantastic fantasy line created by Soul for the Fantasy Faire back at the earlier part of the year. They are all considered special editions and thus come with every applier that Soul makes. Charlie also included a wild version and faded version of the skins. Wild means the markings are bright and visible. Faded, well, means that the markings are dulled down. My photo shoot here features the wild version.


I have a story I would like to share with you all. The hair I’m wearing? Yes, quite the story behind that. Olive is a hair shop I had been following off and on for over a year. Back in July or so of this year, she participated in an anime/manga event and this hair was one of her offerings. At the time, I had no money to get it so I asked Olive’s CSR if it would be in the store after the event. I was told “it should be”. Fast forward to now and past many notecards and offlines later, I am finally the proud owner of this gorgeous hair. Olive’s store manager stepped in for me and I couldn’t be happier.


It may have taken months to acquire, but it was well worth it. There are only three issues I have with it, and they aren’t earth-shattering horrible. One – this hair doesn’t work well with the mesh heads I have tried it with. I have tried it on LeLutka Karin and Gaeline Kirstin. No matter what I tried, I still saw the head under it. Two – there is no “busty” option for this hair. If you’re like me and adore the Freya body or other plus sized body, you’re going to have major clipping through the left breast. Three – the streak option recolors one whole side of the hair instead of just streaks. On one hand, that’s awesome, but on the other, for those of us who just want streaks, its a bit of a bummer. But overall this is still a wonderful hair to get. The style and color options are unmatched. ….And did I mention it comes with a version for hair buns on the top of your head?


As we leave 2016 behind, I want to take a moment and express my gratitude to the many folks who have stood by me through thick and thin this year and previously. You all have a special place in my heart and I thank my lucky stars every day that you’re with me.

  • My wonderful boyfriend, Les. You’re wonderful, even when you disappear into ARK. 😉
  • Reshma. You are the a wonderful friend and I miss getting to spend time with you! Keep on being strong and we’ll get together in 2017 I hope!
  • Mari. Don’t work too hard in 2017 and don’t forget to take some you time!
  • Liz. Girl, with all that running you do I better see you in a damn marathon next year! 😀
  • Nereida. Just one more puppy!
  • Quinn. Lazy ass, get back to work! 😛
  • Damien. The only guy I know that can tell someone off and sound absolutely elegant while doing so.
  • Don. You’ve been my landlord in SL since… wow, for many years, and been a great friend that entire time. Give Copper and Daisy a hug for me!
  • Siofra & Tali. Listing them together because lets face it, a PPJ just isn’t the same without both together! ❤
  • Charlie & Deadsy. Thank you both for the wonderful opportunity you’ve given me. You’re both awesome and I look forward to working with you again in 2017!
  • Reiko. We’ve known each other a long time in SL. Thank you for continuing to stick by me. You’re the best!



  • Skin: .:Soul:. Ranitomeya – Gen2 F – [F1] – Complete Package – Lerochelle Destiny
  • Hair: .Olive. the Lady B Hair – Naminaeko Resident
  • Eyes: .:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes – Unseelie – Galaxy – Lerochelle Destiny
  • Outfit: Caverna Obscura – Starlight Silks ~MIDNIGHT~ – Elvina Ewing
  • Horns: [CC] Cerridwen’s Cauldron Aasimar Horns, Uncommon (gacha item) – Elico Ember
  • Body – Maitreya – Onyx Leshelle



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