From the Sidelines


(The above look will be featured in my next blog post. Stay tuned!)

Before I begin, I would like to state that the opinions expressed in my blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the stores I blog for. They are MY opinions and MY opinions only. Please keep that in mind as you read this post.

I recently participated in a grid-wide hunt. One of the items I found was in a store I had never previously purchased anything from. The prize was a skin, and a very gorgeous skin at that. I fell in love with it and immediately inquired to the creator about appliers. The creator was very nice and said that their lightest tone applier should work just fine. So I tried the demo and guess what? It was way off. Not giving up, I tried on every single applier I had that I thought would come close. Guess what? None worked.

I sent the creator another notecard, complete with screenshots of my attempts including the one with their demo. Days later, I received a response of “Yes unfortunately that special Xmas skin is really only a system skin.”

On one hand, yes, its a special skin. On the other, 98% of the grid (or so it seems) uses mesh now, so it seems very irresponsible to not make appliers for a skin like that. The creator could easily utilize the tone for more skins in the future. So here I sit with a skin I love but can’t wear unless I decide not to wear my mesh body (which isn’t going to happen unless I’m covered head to toe. Lets face it, the system body looks horrible by comparison.)

I understand that you have limited time just like everyone else, but designers, please…. if you make a skin or outfit, even if its just a holiday special, I implore you to create appliers even if the customer has to pay for them separately. Do not break your customers hearts by insisting on being a grid dinosaur and refusing to create said appliers. Shy of gachas or specials that I am sure have appliers, I can’t see myself returning to that store, despite the creator being very nice and the product being of obvious high quality.

I’ll be back in a few days with another Soul skin to show off and some accessories from stores you just might not have ever heard of. Have a great weekend!


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