Shop Goodness!

I’ve received so many compliments on the magic shop I have set up in Ruins of Xenark (aka RoX) that I decided to blog it! 99% of the goodies in the store were made by the awesome Zyn of Forest of Zyn. Have a look-see!


The shelves are Zyn’s. Its 100% prim, but can you really tell? I sure can’t!


Another shot of the shelves. They’re 1 LI too. Doesn’t get any better than that!

The spider web trunk doesn’t come with the set the shelves and wall decor came with, but that certainly doesn’t make the set any less worth it to purchase.


There’s me on the right, sitting in the chair! This desk also comes with the set! It does not come with the sign, chair, or books, but that fancy crystal ball does!


A view of part of the sky city… with a tentacle orb in the foreground! So do stop by and visit the magic shop sometime… its also the faction base for the Arcana Order.


  • Bookshelves, wall decor, desk: Zyn ~ One Prim Magic Study/Shop stuff (comes with a LOT of things) – Zyndyrr Resident
  • Tentacle Ball: Zyn ~ Crystal Ball of the Kraken – Zyndyrr Resident
  • Spiderweb Trunk: Zyn ~ Spiderweb Chest ~ Violet (comes in a set of three colors) – Zyndyrr Resident
  • Pile of Books: The Nawty Box ~TNB~ Pile O Books – Theazureshade Resident
  • Orrery Clock: Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Medium – Twilight Pearl – Kerryth Tarantal
  • Orrery Table: Spyralle Orrery Table v2 – Twilight Pearl – Kerryth Tarantal
  • Table with Candles: . a i s l i n g . Panum Boursinum II – Druunah Esharham
  • Armored NPC: HarshLands [HL] Heretic Private NPC – Kadaj Yoshikawa
  • Business Hours Sign: Sylvia’s Merchandise – Business Hours Sign – Sylvia Silentghost
  • Drinking Sign: Miley Velde Native American Styles & CMC Tattoos – I Drink to Keep People Interesting sign – Miley Velde

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