Mad World Dream


Yep, more neko goodness today! This is the NEW skin in the Soul lucky chairs, and yes there is one for the guys too. I absolutely love fantasy neko skins. They add a touch of something different and awesome to otherwise ho-hum real world concepts. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having real cat appearances, but you have to admit that having purple spots spices things up.


I have to mention the ears and tail I’m wearing too. They were FREE. Yes, 100% free… AND they move! The pack even has multiple color options. You really can’t beat free, especially when the quality is this good!


Before my previous neko post, I hadn’t worn the look in YEARS. Now? Its back in my top 5 preferred appearances. Nekos are fun and there’s no wrong way to be one in SL.

So if you’re looking to update your neko look, or just want to be one for the first time, get to Soul and hit up those lucky chairs. Then head to Chimera to get your neko ears and tail!



  • Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2F – Fala – [SE Ethereal – Leopard] – Complete Set (Lucky Chair item)
  • Dress: *May’s Soul* Bulma black – May Tolsen
  • Hair: *TUKINOWAGUMA* *TKW* Raisa Colors – Kateforster Akina
  • Ears and Tail: FREE Sets – Drill Unplugged (FREE at the Chimera sim)
  • Eyes: .{Rue}. Eyes/Grimalkin: Mythos set (Deva) – Ruina Kessel
  • Shoes: [Etchaflesh] Midnight Sneaker Boots – Shaodie Parx
  • Body: Maitreya – Onyx Leshelle
  • Head: Gaeline – Gael Streeter

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