Happenings around the world recently have shaken many of us to the core. It’s no surprise that some of us have begun feeling helpless, alone, scared, and downright paranoid. I was feeling quite a lot of all those things, first after Brexit and then again after the US election this week. And while I certainly don’t condone violent uprisings to change things, I believe that people in both parts of the world have done all they can to express their opinions on such things.

That being said, there is something that each of us can do in our everyday lives to show other people that we do not stand for such things as hate.

I encourage everyone to read this article and to at least consider adding a safety pin to their everyday attire. Its a small thing that has come to have a big meaning. I’m wearing mine. Let’s encourage everyone to do this, and to show that we stand together against the worst the world has to offer.


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