I’m so Hornie!

Bad pun is bad.


^ Wearing Caste of Thorns Commander RARE horns with a marble gradient option.

So in case my title and first photo weren’t clue enough, this massive post is going to be about horns. Yes, my second most favorite thing in SL. What’s the first? That depends on what day of the week you ask me!


^ Wearing Caste of Thorns Lieutenant with a crackle gradient option.

The entire set will be available via gacha at the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival… which oh, by the way, will be the FINAL FGC EVER. Yep, you heard right. That awesome event is closing its doors for good after this round.


^ Wearing Caste of Thorns Scholar with a stone gradient option.

These horns are really quite something. I’m very fussy/picky/whiney when it comes to horns, but I was very much amazed by these. So many color and gradient options to choose from! Versatility ftw!


^ Wearing Caste of Thorns Seer with a ram gradient. Also very green lens fun.

This set is great, and you know what? There’s even two SECRET horns to be won in this gacha. I won’t spoil the surprises here, but just know that they are well worth the effort to get.


^ Wearing Caste of Thorns Servant with a crackle plain option.

I think I like the servant one the best thus far. Hmm… or maybe the commander? Gah, so hard to decide!


^ Wearing Caste of Thorns Soldier with a ram plain option.

You can never have too many horns. Seriously. They make any look more edgy and awesome.


^ Wearing Caste of Thorns Spy with a marble plain option.

So don’t forget, these awesome horns will be available at the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival which opens on November 7!


ALSO coming up on November 7 is The Liaison Collaborative opening day. Why is this important? Oh… I don’t know… maybe because Dead Rain of Shi💗Candy collaborated with Charlie to make… the Pernkern Herns! I know… horn overload! But isn’t it great?!


^ One of many Fantasy options worn

All I can say about these is OMG. As someone who plays a faun every once in a while, I speak from experience when I say that finding nice/good/quality horns is a pain in the arse. We usually get stuck with little sticks, oversized antlers, or NOTHING. These horns give a nice, natural feel and look to them, and the HUDs (Fantasy and Seasonal) give TONS of mix and match color options!


^ Fantasy option, closer up.


^ Seasonal option

Remember, these aren’t the only color options for these horns. The two HUDs will give you much MUCH more!


All of these horns will be available on November 7! I’ll see you at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival AND The Liaison Collaborative!


Credits – Photos 1-7

  • Horns: .:Soul:. Caste of Thorns (gacha items) – Lerochelle Destiny
  • Skin: .:Soul:. Gen1 Female – Nat – (F3) Hyacinth – Lerochelle Destiny
  • Eyes: Shi💗Candy Dizzy~heart eyes (11) – Dead Rain
  • Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] – Blix – Lerochelle Destiny
  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Deja – VIP group gift for November – Truth Hawks
  • Dress: ~The Library~ Margaery Dress – Green – Dreamfantasia Nightfire
  • Body: Maitreya – Onyx Leshelle
  • Head: Gaeline – Gael Streeter


Credits – Photos 8-11

  • Horns: .:Soul:. Pernkern Herns – Lerochelle Destiny and Dead Rain
  • Skin: Lumae :: Eirtae – Nightwish – Lumiya Rae
  • Eyes: Jalwa – Wisp Eyes – Grapes – Chandra Masala
  • Ears: [Gauze] [][]Trap[][] Short Ripped Ears Ice – Yukio Ida and Selos Dae
  • Hair: Magika – Empty Gold 04 – Sabina Gully
  • Tail: Catseye – Faun Tail – Catty Catseye (this item is part of their Faun Kit!)
  • Necklace: Moon Elixir – Ragnarok – Bone Necklace – ElixirBlack Resident and MoonCelestia Resident
  • Body: Belleza Freya – Tricky Boucher

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