Crimson Tempest

Yes yes, I know… I promised a post about my cats. One of them hasn’t been well so I’m going to wait until she’s better to post about them.


Before anyone asks, yes, I’m once again taking my shots at Forest of Zyn.

I’ve never made a red demon character before. Seriously. I’ve always gone purple, black, blue… basically every other color except red. I’ve just never liked red skins in SL… until now. Combine being inspired by someones artwork of a red demon and Lumae’s Lorelai skin, and this is what you get.


Now add those things to Zyn’s horns, and you have one very sexy look if I do say so myself! And the eyes? I couldn’t complete the look without a certain superb make-up palette from Sn@tch. HUGE thank you to Ivey for creating Omega appliers for it!


Yes, the sides of the horns glow and move! You don’t see that every day.


Staring into the abyss…. what is it that stares back at me? What is this sensation?



  1. Skin: Lumae :: Eirtae – Lorelai // Bare – Lumiya Rae
  2. Hair: ::Exile:: Lost in Wonderland: Blacks – Kavar Cleanslate
  3. Outfit: erratic / skye – bodysuit / steel – Erratic Rain
  4. Boots: -KC- IVY BOOTS – Klari55a Resident
  5. Eyes: [Gauze] Deity Eyes: Apollo – Yukio Ida
  6. Horns: Zyn ~ Mystic Mana Horns: Red – Zyndyrr Resident
  7. Tail: Sinfull Draconic tail: Black – Sin Tatsu
  8. Make-up: :::Sn@tch Temptress Gothic Eye Makeup::: – Ivey Deschanel (*this item is on special right now!)
  9. Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ AINUR Black, tattoo *gacha item* – Alia Baroque
  10. Body: Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle
  11. Head: Gaeline – Gael Streeter

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