So after a rather trying time last night, I have decided to put a positive spin on it. I regularly get folks complimenting me on my various looks (thank you all, you’re so wonderful and make my day when you do!) so it came as no surprise when I was asked if I’d like to shop with someone to help update their look. After nearly 2 hours of wanting to pull my hair out and scream, I decided to never let myself get to that point again, and so I have officially made my second business in SL!

I offer makeover sessions (minimum appointment time is one hour) for 1,500L per half hour. It doesn’t matter what gender you choose, or even andro, I can help make you look fabulous.

My other business is teaching RP-related classes. My rates for such are as follows:

  1. If I DO RP in your sim, there is no charge, but tips are appreciated.
  2. If I DO NOT RP in your sim, I charge a flat rate of 3K per class. This pays for my time, both in teaching the class and the time I’ve put into writing the class.

Remember, I can teach the classes but I can’t make them have any impact on your players so please don’t come looking for a refund if my words are ignored!

The Fine Print

  1. For classes and makeovers, 50% payment is due up front. This is to help ensure that neither of our times are wasted.
  2. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS. This is not negotiable.
  3. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you hire me and then say something like “Oh I didn’t know it wasn’t free” well, sorry. You entered into a business arrangement and like any good business I deserve to get paid. My time is no less precious than yours.
  4. If for some reason I must reschedule our appointment, you will be notified via notecard in a timely fashion.
  5. If you are a no-show, you will be allowed to book with me again but be aware that you will have to pay another down-payment.
  6. If you must reschedule and you gave me a heads up about it (not 5 minutes before the appointment time) then you will NOT have to repay the down-payment.


So, that is my two cents of the day. I’ll be back with a full post this weekend! Look for more Zyn goodness!


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