Gypsy Sidhe


“Ah, welcome. Come, sit by the fire with me. The others will be here soon.”

As you make your way into the tiny camp, you notice very quickly that there is something a bit off about things, more than just the strangers hair and eye color. Hastily drawn symbols could be seen on the stones near the fire, prompting you to question if you really should have accepted this woman’s hospitality.


“Why do you hesitate? I offer you a place to warm yourself and eat. We don’t have much, but you’re welcome to share.”

Given the oddities of what you were seeing, you come to the conclusion that the woman and quite possibly the entire group she was claiming to be with were sidhe.

“I’m sorry… I’ll keep going up the path a ways.”


“Suit yourself, weary one.”

As you make your way up the path, you hear what sounds like laughter behind you. It seems the woman’s companions had arrived and were starting a have themselves a little party. A pity you didn’t stay, but fae were fickle folk. While you certainly respected and appreciated them, you held a healthy amount of fear for them as well.


(Note: I want to give a massively huge THANK YOU to Lerochelle Destiny of .:Soul:. for sending me this gorgeous skin to blog. I had a lot of fun constructing a look for it and I know I’ll be using it a lot!)

(Note 2: I don’t typically reveal where I took my photos, but in this case I will. Shadows of Letum is a gorgeous medi-fantasy rp sim with lots to offer. I highly recommend checking it out!


  • Skin: .:Soul:. Gen2F – Emma – [H6] – Lerochelle Destiny
  • Eyes: .:Soul:. Sidhe Eyes – Unseelie – DEO Rev (We ❤ RP birthday gift) – Lerochelle Destiny
  • Hair: little bones. Pirate Wench – Chromatic – Nova Faerye
  • Top: :[P]:- Daenarys Top – Birthday – Aikea Rieko
  • Skirt: Boho Skirt Mesh #2 – MW Boa
  • Make-up: Gaeline – Gael Streeter
  • Mesh Head: Gaeline – Gael Streeter
  • Eyebrows: Arte – Beaute Eyebrows – Miriam Lemondrop
  • Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara – Onyx LeShelle
  • Pose 1: *ED* Grayfia 09 – Sweeet Vendetta
  • Pose 2: *ED* Grayfia 04 – Sweeet Vendetta
  • Imaginarium Poses – Lady of Greyjoy 4 – PewPew Zero
  • Overlow Poses – Gift Pack 5 – Pose 2 – Bubuzinha Luv

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