Returning, Part Deux

Ok, so I WAS doing well…. until I hit a major setback in my healing. Things seem to be fine now, and the pain is gone. I apologize to everyone for the time this has taken. Your patience is truly awesome.

Today I’m doing another sci-fi post! Yep, I’m on a bit of a kick right now (and not to mention that Aggie makes some amazing lekku!) so I’m running with it!


I’ve always said “Gosh, I wish someone would make darker hued twi’leks.” Aggie must have hacked into my brain because she’s made several dark hued skins and matching lekku. Serious OMGasm there.

As a heads up, these skins aren’t going to be for everyone. They’re so dark and have such fine highlight colors added to them that you’ll either love it or hate it. Plus the texture of the skin stands out, and some folks really like that, others don’t. So please PLEASE demo the skin first (which is what any smart shopper should be doing regardless of who makes the skin).

The eyes I simply adore. Aire Xaris of REAL EYES hasn’t updated her store in a very long time but that doesn’t diminish the work she’s done. There’s something in that store for everyone, from realistic eyes to fantasy eyes, she’s done it all. She even made several eyes from ideas I submitted way back when! Aire, I miss you!


Here’s a better shot of those lovely overlay colors I was talking about. They really make the skin POP and make it so you can wear dark clothing without it all blending together.


I used my default close-up lighting setting in this shoot so if it looks like things aren’t matching in my photos, that’s why. It DOES match, but remember that Windlight settings will make or break matching. I will mention this a million more times, I’m sure.

My next post will be a story one. Now that my energy is back and I’m not hunched over in pain, I feel like I can go back to doing those. OH! Also, the two poses where I’m holding a lightsaber? Those poses come with the weapon!



  • Skin: [Stargazer Creations] Cosmos Skin Set – Aggie Mactavish
  • Lekku: [Stargazer Creations] Head Tails – Cosmos – Aggie Mactavish
  • Eyes: REAL EYES – Crystal Unicorn – Aire Xaris
  • Outfit: Graves – G529 Orbit – Jackie Graves
  • Pose 1: ::Poseidon:: StarPose Jaina – Gryphon Vendetta
  • Pose 2: DieselWorks – Christmas Gift Pose – DieselWorks Julie12 – Rogan Diesel
  • Pose 3: NRage Studio Pose 1 common – GACHA PRIZE – Foxx Pawpad
  • Body: Maitreya Lara – Onyx LeShelle
  • Mesh Head: Gaeline – Gael Streeter

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